A list of PDF’s of our standard rooflight detail drawings as well as operational, maintenance and installation guides.


Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF
402ASS001Double Glazed Flushglaze Section402-ASS-001
402ASS003Walk On Flushglaze Section402-ASS-003
402ASS051Flushglaze Kerb Detail402-ASS-051
Data SheetFlushglaze Fixed Data SheetData Sheet
Install GuideFlushglaze Installation ManualInstallation Manual
O&M ManualFlushglaze O&M ManualO&M Manual


Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF
401ASS401Chain VisionVent Kerb Detail401-ASS-401
401ASS413Chain VisionVent Section401-ASS-413
401ASS414Chain VisionVent Wiring Diagram401-ASS-414
401ASS419Chain VisionVent Wiring Diagram Rain Sensor401-ASS-419
Data SheetChain VisionVent Data SheetData Sheet
InstallChain VisionVent Installation ManualInstallation Manual
O&MChain VisionVent O&M ManualO&M Manual

Pyramid & Lantern

Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF
404ASS401Pyramid Overview404-ASS-401
404ASS402Pyramid Kerb Detail404-ASS-402
404ASS405Pyramid Kerb Framework Section404-ASS-405
404ASS404Lantern Pyramid Section404-ASS-404
404ASS403Square Pyramid Section404-ASS-403
404ASS427Square Pyramid Downlighter Wiring Diagram404-ASS-427
Data SheetPyramid Data SheetData Sheet
InstallPyramid Installation ManualInstallation Manual
O&MPyramid O&M ManualO&M Manual

Kerb Top Trim

Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF
InstallKerb Trim Installation  ManualInstallation Manual
S0011Kerb Trim SectionOptional Feature
S0009Kerb GuidelinesKerb Guidelines


Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF
201ASS101Pitchglaze Mk.II General Dimensions 201-ASS-101
 201ASS102Pitchglaze Mk.II Standard Installation 201-ASS-102
 201ASS103Pitchglaze Mk.II Sunken Installation 201-ASS-103
 201ASS104Pitchglaze Mk.II Raised Installation 201-ASS-104
201ASS105Pitchglaze Mk.II Components View201-ASS-105
Data SheetPitchglaze Roof Window Data SheetData Sheet
InstallPitchglaze Mk. II Installation Manual Installation Manual
O&MPitchglaze O&M Manual O&M Manual


Drawing RefDrawing DetailsPDF
202ASS000Pitchvent General Dimensions202-ASS-000
202ASS001Pitchvent General Dimensions202-ASS-001
 202ASS002Pitchvent Standard Install202-ASS-002
 202ASS003Pitchvent Sunken Install202-ASS-003
 202ASS004Pitchvent Raised Install202-ASS-004
202ASS005Pitchvent Section Views202-ASS-005
202ASS006Pitchvent Chain Actuated General Arrangement Details202-ASS-006
202ASS009Pitchvent Client Wiring Diagram202-ASS-009
Data SheetPitchvent Data SheetData Sheet
InstallPitchvent Installation ManualInstallation Manual
O&MPitchvent O&M ManualO&M Manual