A list of PDF’s of our standard rooflight detail drawings as well as operational, maintenance and installation guides.


Drawing Ref Drawing Details PDF
402ASS001 Double Glazed Flushglaze Section 402-ASS-001
402ASS003 Walk On Flushglaze Section 402-ASS-003
402ASS013 Flushglaze Pitched Roof Detail 402-ASS-013
402ASS024 Triple Glazed Flushglaze Section 402-ASS-024
402ASS051 Flushglaze Kerb Detail 402-ASS-051
Install O&M Flushglaze Installation/O&M Manual Installation/O&M Manual


Drawing Ref Drawing Details PDF
401ASS401 Chain VisionVent Kerb Detail 401-ASS-401
401ASS413 Chain VisionVent Section 401-ASS-413
401ASS414 Chain VisionVent Wiring Diagram 401-ASS-414
401ASS419 Chain VisionVent Wiring Diagram Rain Sensor 401-ASS-419
Data Sheet Chain VisionVent Data Sheet Data Sheet
Install Chain VisionVent Installation Manual Installation Manual
O&M Chain VisionVent O&M Manual O&M Manual

Pyramid & Lantern

Drawing Ref Drawing Details PDF
404ASS401 Pyramid Overview 404-ASS-401
404ASS405 Pyramid Kerb Framework Section 404-ASS-405
404ASS404 Lantern Pyramid Section 404-ASS-404
404ASS403 Square Pyramid Section 404-ASS-403
404ASS427 Square Pyramid Downlighter Wiring Diagram 404-ASS-427
Install Pyramid Installation Manual Installation Manual
O&M Pyramid O&M Manual O&M Manual

Kerb Top Trim

Drawing Ref Drawing Details PDF
Install Kerb Trim Installation  Manual Installation Manual
S0011 Kerb Trim Section Optional Feature
S0009 Kerb Guidelines Kerb Guidelines


Drawing Ref Drawing Details PDF
201ASS101 Pitchglaze Mk.II General Dimensions  201-ASS-101
 201ASS102 Pitchglaze Mk.II Standard Installation  201-ASS-102
 201ASS103 Pitchglaze Mk.II Sunken Installation  201-ASS-103
 201ASS104 Pitchglaze Mk.II Raised Installation  201-ASS-104
201ASS105 Pitchglaze Mk.II Components View 201-ASS-105
Install Pitchglaze Mk. II Installation Manual  Installation Manual
O&M Pitchglaze O&M Manual  O&M Manual
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