VisionVent Control Panel & Rain Sensor

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Product Description

MB06 Control Panel & Rain Sensor for use with Chain Actuated VisionVent Rooflight.

Allows Chain Actuated VisionVent to open automatically when ambient temperature exceeds your desired setting.

The unit will also automatically close the rooflight when it detects rainfall on the external sensor.

Full installation instructions are provided, this unit should be installed by a qualified electrician meeting the required IEE regulations for safety.

PLEASE NOTE – This device is not required for basic open and close operation of your rooflight, it is designed to be used as a direct replacement to the standard switch provided and offer additional functionality.




ALL stock rooflights supplied with EnduroShield for free as standard*

* Terms and conditions apply

A revolutionary invisible treatment that repels water, soap scum and grime, allowing you easier cleaning less often.

Glass specification

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