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    A frameless walk-on rooflight was expertly used to enhance this flat roof extension and maximise space in the home. Through careful planning, the architects were able to showcase a true ‘wow’ factor for the clients which proved the advantages of daylight whilst also providing a fully traversable surface for the terrace above.


    Tasked with rejuvenating this North London property was Mulroy Architects who started by removing old now-unsuitable features, such as a rear dormer roof conversion and creating an open-plan layout by knocking down walls on the ground floor. A stand-out feature of the rear garden extension was the ultra-modern kitchen which was able to be constructed under Permitted Development rights.

    The designers and homeowners had to carefully consider the pros and cons of an open-plan layout as, in many cases, an extension build can result in indoor spaces being starved of natural light in the deeper parts of the dwelling. An additional challenge is making the most of available space. 


    The flat roof pitch provides a number of design opportunities. Firstly, it allows the designers to incorporate a rooflight, bringing daylight into the centre of the home, reducing the need for artificial light and creating a pleasing sky-only view. Secondly, by having a skylight on a flat roof, they were able to specify a flat glass walk-on roof light to be installed within a large terrace on the above level, resulting in additional social space with fantastic views of the garden and play area. This dual functionality maximises the functionality of the house by simultaneously creating a glass floor on the level above and a rooftop window in the room below.

    Moreover, the interior location of the rooflight adds an even greater source of natural daylight to an already-immaculate double galley kitchen. Research has proven that natural light in the home has a positive impact on vision, orientation, productivity, alertness and general health and it has been shown to influence social behaviour and cognitive performance – perfect for this family home.

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