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  • Walk on rooflights provide a unique feature for bringing natural light into rooms, either from beneath roof terraces or basements; they’re a great way to allow natural light to travel between multiple floors whilst also creating a statement feature for any given property.

    This is great in the summertime, but what happens when the weather takes a turn for the worst and the heavens open?

    If the glass surface is wet then you should avoid walking on it wherever possible; if this is unavoidable then great care should be taken as the risk of slipping is much higher in wet conditions.

    It may be unlikely that the glazed area is used in poor conditions, particularly in a domestic setting, but for those projects where access is required over the walk on glass in all conditions then there are anti slip finishes that can be applied to reduce the risk.

    The surface of the glass can be sandblasted to give it a rougher finish which provides more traction, or an ‘anti slip frit’ finish can be applied to the external face of the glass to further reduce risk.

    Both of these finishes will change the appearance and light transmission characteristics of the glass but perform well above the ‘low slip potential’ threshold set out by the UK Slip Resistance Group.

    Rooflights designed for regular foot traffic supplied by rooflights.com do not have any form of slip resistance applied as standard, as this is rarely a requirement for smaller scale domestic builds. However if your rooflight is likely to be used in poor weather conditions, you can specify a made to order product including an anti-slip treatment by contacting the manufacturer Glazing Vision direct.