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  • Bi-Folding doors. So how do they work?

    Bi-Folding doors come in a wide range of formats, sizes, accessories and of course colours. This means there are millions of combinations!

    Each Bi-Folding door is made to order for you. We have tried to offer a basic range that is easy to understand for our customers. We can offer the full Korniche options. So if this range doesn’t contain your requirements please get in touch for an instant quotation. All we need is a few details from you and we can take you through all the options available.

    What you need to know about our basic range…

    Our basic range includes lots of items as standard included in the price. Designed to show off all the options available most of which are customizable for your requirements.


    Bi-Folding doors can open inwards (inside the house) or outwards (outside the house). Our range open outwards to maximize space. (One of our core values.)

    But what does 3-2-1 mean or 5-3-2 etc? This refers to the Sashes or Leaves, the doors themselves; The first number represents how many doors there are. The second number represents looking from the outside, how many open to the left and of course the final number is how many open to the right. A popular configuration is having a single door on the left or right for general day to day use. For example a 5-4-1 the door on the right (from the outside) would be used for going into the garden to water the plants or get something out of the shed. Rather than having to open the full doors every time!


    The Basic range has all of our doors at the commonly used size of 2100mm or 2.1m high. But how many doors can I fit in my opening/aperture?

    Using our instant quotation tool or specification guide we support a wide range of door sizes, to keep it simple to understand, for the basic range we have included 2000mm up to 6000mm frame size with each increment having just under 1m size sashes. This shows off the full possibilities of the Korniche Bi-Fold system.

    Just remember this is the full frame size (eg. 2100mm x 3000mm) and you must allow an additional 10mm clearance on each side and the top in the opening/aperture to allow the frame the fit seamlessly. Additionally, on large openings. Supporting beams are installed to support the weight that is no longer held up by the wall or window that was there before. These beams have an allowable sag over longer distances and if the 10mm tolerance isn’t considered this can put extra pressure on the frame and stop the doors from sliding properly.


    Our Korniche Bi-Folding doors come in Anthracite Grey which are a perfect compliment to the Korniche Lanterns that we also sell. Alternatively. even our Highly accredited Glazing Vision products

    (See this related case study for how these products can compliment each other – Glazing Vision And Korniche Rooflights Provide A Modern Kitchen Extension With Light And Ventilation)

    White, Black, Agate Grey or an internal/external combination of these are available as standard.


    Frames are pre-assembled so the builder will be responsible for fitting the frame, hanging the leaves/sashes and Glazing the doors. Our range comes with Integrated Cills, up to 3 Trickle Vents included and is integral to the frame as standard. Frame extenders are also available if required.

    Accessories/Iron Mongery

    Furniture (hinges, rollers etc.) are matched to the Anthracite Grey. Additionally the handles are also in the Grey as standard.

    If any of the above doesn’t meet your requirements, contact us now!