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    An innovative homeowner, by the name of Mr Watkins, has integrated two rooflights.com products into their new extension.

    An innovative homeowner, by the name of Mr Watkins, has integrated two rooflights.com products into their new extension.

    Embarking on an exciting home improvement project, a homeowner from Bury St Edmunds, qualified in engineering, eagerly embraced the task of integrating two cutting-edge rooflights.com products into their brand-new extension. This remarkable journey showed the perfect solution for infusing a wealth of natural light and invigorating ventilation into their single-story kitchen/diner to modernise the aesthetic and functionality of the space.

    The primary objective of this project was to bring in a modern element into the transformation of the property, aligning it seamlessly with the demands of today’s lifestyle. The growing family necessitated a spacious dining area, making it an invaluable addition. Not only did the new layout enhance day-to-day living, but it also elevated the property’s appeal for entertaining friends and family. This strategic renovation further solidified the property’s value, ensuring its attractiveness in the market, should the need arise in the future.

    The project involved construction on the side of the property which posed a unique challenge as it required the removal of the existing kitchen window due to the presence of a perimeter wall running alongside the property’s border fence. Such a change would have resulted in diminished natural light, leading to a less inviting atmosphere within the family home. Furthermore, it would have introduced ventilation issues since the sole window would be eliminated.

    Mr Watkins shared his innovative design with rooflights.com, showcasing the integration of both the Glazing Vision Electrically Hinged VisionVent Rooflight and the Korniche Roof Lantern, complemented by bifold doors connecting the dining area of the kitchen extension to the garden. The assembly of the Korniche Roof Lantern proved to be a straightforward process, guided by clear instructions, and it served as an excellent means to usher in abundant natural light into the space. Simultaneously, the Glazing Vision Electrically Hinged VisionVent Rooflight was seamlessly incorporated to ensure optimal natural illumination in the kitchen area, while also offering the versatility to facilitate airflow as needed.

    “One call to rooflights.com resulted in me getting all the information I needed. I even had issues, on the Sunday, installing the VisionVent rooflight, but was still able to get hold of one of rooflights.com technicians who guided me through the fitting of the light to the kerb!”

    – Mr Watkins.

    This home improvement endeavour has substantially improved the property’s ambiance, flooding it with natural light and ensuring better ventilation. It has not only met the family’s immediate needs but is the perfect example of how combining Rooflight.com products can bring different benefits to a space or home. This project demonstrates the practicality of combining modern solutions with thoughtful design, resulting in a single-story kitchen/diner that is now a more functional and inviting space for everyday living and social gatherings!

    “Rooflights.com were a primary choice due to being a local company, however after using their services I would be happy to use them nation-wide.  The assistance while ordering, providing, and installing the rooflights was very useful.  Answering a query on a Sunday morning to ensure the kerb was the correct size is a huge testament to the level of service provided.

    As well as the clear and concise assemble instructions which were simple to follow made the installation possible for a DIYer.  I would go as far to say if you can put up a shelf in your house and read a set of instructions then with the support available from rooflights.com most people would be competent enough to complete an installation.

    It is now a year on from when the roof lights were installed, and they have made the extension so much better.  It is often commented on how good they look and the added benefit of the opening rooflight makes the space much fresher.”

    – Mr Watkins.


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