What is BIM?

To help make sure a unique product fits seamlessly into the design, we can go as far as to create a complete digital model known as a ‘BIM object’. BIM, or building information modelling, is a way of representing building designs, and storing detailed product information for all the various components, digitally. April 4th 2016 […]

Rooflights: 5 tips for bespoke kitchen design

We all know how interior design trends can go in and out of style: homeowners face the constant decision between choosing a trendy, contemporary look or creating a timeless feel. Therefore despite how ‘current’ a look may be, you don’t want to choose a design that will soon have an expiration date written all over […]

A guide to choosing a Pitchglaze rooflight for maximising daylight in the home

Rooflights and roof windows are popular additions to homes thanks to their ability to increase the amount of natural daylight. When choosing a roof window, there are a lot of options to choose from – and the right choice will depend upon your specific requirements. For example, Glazing Vision’s new Pitchglaze rooflight may be a […]

The benefits of opening rooflights

One of the main reasons people opt to install glass rooflights in a building is to increase natural daylight. This reduces reliance on electricity during the day and can also boost the wellbeing of occupants, making them feel more energetic, productive and even elevating their moods. But natural daylight isn’t the only way a rooflight […]

What are the benefits of Flushglaze fixed rooflights?

Flushglaze rooflights are the original rooflight designed for flat roof applications and are a cost effective way of maximising the natural daylight in your home. The rooflight has been designed using the minimum framework, maximum daylight ethos meaning that internal sky-only views can be achieved, whilst the contemporary minimal external aesthetic blends effortlessly into your […]

Benefits of walk on specification Flushglaze rooflights

Standard Flushglaze rooflights are an effective way of maximising the amount of natural daylight in your home; they are cost effective and easy to install in both pitched and flat roofs. The Flushglaze rooflight can also be used on roof terraces without sacrificing usable space by using the correct walk on glass specification. This allows […]

Benefits of pyramid and lantern rooflights

Modern rooflight systems come in all shapes and sizes and can be specified in a variety of different finishes and glass specifications. Most peoples experience with rooflights for flat roofs will be lantern style units, which traditionally consist of glazed sections with decorative framework. However, the development of modern rooflight systems designed specifically for flat […]

Water build up on rooflights

Water build up, often referred to as ‘ponding’ on rooflights, can be problematic as the evaporated rain water leaves dirt and grime on the glass making it appear unsightly. However in most cases, the risk of ponding can be reduced considerably or even removed completely by ensuring that the rooflight is installed on an upstand […] sponsored team wins Junior League Cup

Congratulations to Talconeston Football Club for securing their 3-1 victory against a strong Castle Acre Swifts team in the Final of the Junior League Cup, the Cup knockout competition restricted to 1st Division clubs. The top two in the division both played their part in an excellent final.  The season is reaching an exciting climax with Talconeston sitting […]

Using an Architect with RIBA plan of work

Following on from our post on ‘How to choose the right architect’, which covered tips from where you should research to what type of questions you should ask, this post will discuss the benefits of using an architect who follows the RIBA plan of work. So first things first, what exactly is RIBA plan of […]

Can I install a glass rooflight anywhere?

Glass rooflights come in all shapes and sizes and can perform a variety of functions from simply improving the amount of natural daylight within a room, providing ventilation and in some cases a means of accessing an outside space. Provided you comply with Building Regulations rooflights can be installed almost anywhere in a domestic building. […]