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    Flushglaze rooflights contributed significantly to enhancing the light quality and quantity in this 3-storey private residence. As a stunning embodiment of modern architectural design and PassivHaus principles, the rooflights were absolutely critical to the design, providing the essential amount of daylight required both to illuminate as well as to heat this eco-friendly home.


    Getting enough light into the rooms of the property was a major priority for both client and architect; and Richard Dudzicki Architects (RDA) were keen to ensure that the interior of the house was also stylish and modern, whilst at the same time meeting the rigorous standards for energy efficiency.


    Delivering this innovative and ecologically sensitive house was not without its challenges for the client and his architect. Considerable local resistance to the building of a modern house on this previously derelict but small brownfield site, coupled with a 3-year battle to gain planning permission, meant concessions had to be made with regards to materials and design. Protecting the roots of the prominent tree at the front of the house was also a critical factor in the build process.


    To provide enough light, 3 rooflights were precision-engineered to the exact dimensions specified by the architect. For the architect these fixed Flushglaze rooflights, pointed directly at the light source, also provided excellent access to solar heat gains, whilst the triple glazed panes provided enhanced thermal performance. These were both invaluable benefits and critical to the property’s PassivHaus design.

    This resulted in the property being a worthy winner of the Gold Award at the 2015 London Design Awards and a finalist in the urban category of the 2016 PassivHaus Awards. This Eco-Lodge is a superb example of what can be achieved with PassivHaus certification, where contemporary design and low energy building construction are in perfect synergy.

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