Haddo Yard's Designers Manage Limited Wall Space by Using Flushglaze Rooflights

Haddo Yard, Whitstable

Haddo Yard is the first completed building by Denizen Works and Arrant Land, helping to present a unique addition to Whitstable’s built environment. Rooflights.com’s Flushglaze rooflight was instrumental in flooding deep parts of the floorplan with daylight and providing a sense of openness.

Respectful Innovation

Arrant Land, in collaboration with Denizen Works, sought to explore the creative opportunities of bringing adventurous but contextual design to an area with a distinct visual identity. The final design comprised of spacious ground floor extensions to the rear of the development, with apartments occupying the roof space above.

Hurdles to overcome

A key challenge was bringing natural light into the deeper parts of the structures. Moreover, vertical wall space for windows was greatly reduced due to the properties on either side and the additional use of roof space for apartments.

Shine a Light

Denizen Works contacted rooflights.com, whom they had worked with previously, with the aim of utilising rooflights to bring daylight into the deepest parts of the plan and to create living areas on the second floor which could be naturally illuminated, even with a lack of upright wall space.

The frameless rooflight complimented Haddo Yard’s aesthetic character while providing daylight to otherwise unreachable parts of the property. Andrew Ingham concludes, “We’re very proud of Haddo Yard and we have heard first hand just how much the current residents enjoy the light, contemporary spaces we’ve designed.”

The Flushglaze rooflight is suitable for flat roofs but can be installed up to a pitch of 70°. Also available is rooflights.com’s Pitchglaze roof window, which is designed to fit seamlessly within traditional pitched roofs.

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