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  • One of the main reasons people opt to install glass rooflights in a building is to increase natural daylight. This reduces reliance on electricity during the day and can also boost the wellbeing of occupants, making them feel more energetic, productive and even elevating their moods.

    But natural daylight isn’t the only way a rooflight can improve a property. In fact, rooflights that open can provide a number of other benefits, making them an ideal choice for both refurbishment and new-build projects.

    Here are some of the reasons you might want to select an opening rooflight:

    1. Improve natural ventilation

    Whether you choose a hinged rooflight, or opt for an access rooflight that opens out onto a roof terrace, the systems can provide a high level of natural ventilation. That’s because warm air naturally rises, so heat, smoke and stale air tend to escape from the building through the open rooflight.

    This natural ventilation helps to keep fresh air circulating through the interior, making the space feel more comfortable for occupants. It can prevent condensation, damp and associated mould growth, and can also be used to clear smoke in the case of a fire, or when cooking.

    What’s more, electronic rooflights can be opened with the touch of a button, so it’s quick and easy to get a breath of fresh air.

    2. Control interior temperatures

    As mentioned above, warm air rises, so rooflights can actually help to keep interiors cooler in summer months by allowing warm air to escape.

    This cooling effect is further enhanced thanks to the solar control properties that are included in a rooflight’s glazing. For example, special coatings can reduce solar heat gain and glare from direct sunlight.

    While rooflights are a great choice for keeping cool in the summer, you also don’t have to worry about them upping your energy bills in the winter. Low U-values and low-emissivity (low-E) glass help to ensure a high level of insulation, so it’s harder for heat to escape.

    3. Better outdoor access

    Flat roofs can provide excellent outdoor spaces, but if roof access is inconvenient or difficult, you could be missing out.

    Products like boxed rooflights and sliding rooflights can be very useful for creating easy access to roof terraces. These products can be made to suit specific requirements, giving the headroom necessary for staircases while ensuring the finished access route meets relevant building regulations.

    4. Excellent safety and security

    Glazing Vision’s rooflights are manufactured to provide a high level of safety and security, giving homeowners, contractors and housebuilders peace of mind.

    Rigorous tests are carried out to ensure rooflights meet Secured by Design requirements, and that they are compliant with Part Q of the Building Regulations (Security in Dwellings).

    Also, box rooflights meet the requirements of Approved Document K, which covers landings and headspace around stairs.

    5. Design and aesthetics

    With their stylish appearance and ability to increase the amount of natural daylight in a space, rooflights can be beneficial to the aesthetics of a building – providing a stunning focal point to both the interior and exterior.

    Our online rooflights show minimal framework, ensuring clean lines and a stylish, contemporary appearance. Many products can sit flush with the roof, and options are available with retracting glass sections – this creates a completely clear opening and maximises the sense of space.

    By opening up the roof, rooflights can also help to ‘bring the outdoors inside’, a favourite technique for interior designers, as it can make an interior feel larger and more comfortable.

    If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of rooflights, or to discuss the options for your next project, please get in touch on 01379 353 716. You can also browse products in our online rooflights shop.