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  • Access rooflights are becoming increasingly popular as people start to use space on their roof terrace to add function and value to their living space.

    Many suppliers offer a range of hinged and sliding rooflights for ventilation and access. As these units are often large and heavy you should ensure that the product you are considering includes appropriate safety features. These safety features will reduce the risk of people getting injured or trapped when the product closes.

    Appropriate safety features should include soft close mechanisms, current override and proximity detectors. Dual proximity sensors cover both horizontal and vertical edges, meaning that if the beam is broken, the rooflight automatically stops. In addition, current override safety systems sense additional draw on the motors and will stop the rooflight closing if an obstruction is detected.

    When purchasing an electric hinged or sliding rooflight, these safety features should be considered with your rooflight supplier in order to ensure further peace of mind and security.

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