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  • Rooflights offer many green benefits to the home and, once they are installed, you can really begin to notice the changes that they bring. Not only do rooflights help you be more energy efficient, but they can save you money and uplift your mood too. Keep reading to find out more about this environmentally friendly addition to your home. 

    Better Air Circulation

    When you have rooflights installed, you have additional options for air circulation in your home.

    Although the temperatures can rise into the late 20s in this country, it is not really consistently warm enough to warrant full air conditioning units being installed in homes. Although they provide a great service, they are expensive to run and use a lot of electricity. For the few weeks a year when it gets really hot in the UK, it can be a little wasteful to power up the AC.

    Rooflights are an alternative way to cool your home. Using a VisionVent rooflight or a Skyhatch model, for example, you can open them up when the temperature rises and enjoy that cooling breeze flowing through your home. This means that you are not burning through fossil fuels, but you are still offered respite from the sunshine. The hot air tends to collect near the ceiling of your room, with a rooflight providing the perfect escape route for it.

    Lower Heating Costs

    A professionally installed, high quality rooflight also helps to keep the heat in when you need it. In old buildings with large amounts of poor quality glass, you really feel the heat loss in winter. A typical home can lose 40% of its heat through its windows and doors, which cools the inside temperature, leading to you turning up the central heating and using more gas or electricity just to return to a comfortable temperature.

    With the latest, well designed rooflights, heat loss is minimised. It keeps in more of the heat from the home and reduces your need to rely on your boiler to keep you warm. This helps to cut the cost of your fuel bills in the colder months of the year and also allows you to reduce the greenhouse gases that your home emits.

    Reduce the Need for Artificial Light

    Another of the ways we burn through fossil fuels in the home is by using artificial light. Often, the design or positioning of our homes means that we can’t rely on natural light filling each room that we want to use. You can sometimes find yourself having to turn on room lights even when it is perfectly sunny outside. Of course, this means that we pay more for our electricity and reduce the energy efficiency of our houses.

    Rooflights are the perfect solution for this issue. They are situated in the ideal position to flood the room with light, even when it is not the brightest of days. Make the most of the natural, renewable light there is by installing a rooflight and cut your emissions whilst slashing your bills at the same time.

    An expert will be able to advise you on the best position for your rooflights in order to maximise the natural light coming into your house.

    Other Great Benefits of Natural Light

    Not only is an increase in the amount of natural light in your home green and money saving, but it can also aid your physical and mental health too. There are so many benefits to increased natural light on the body and mind:

    • It helps to ward off seasonal affective disorder that affects people when there is less light around
    • Improves sleep, a direct result of better mental health
    • Boosts the vitamin D in your body, improving your skin and bones

    To take advantage of these benefits and more, talk to us today about the perfect rooflights for your home. You can browse our selection of rooflights on the website or contact our sales team for more details.

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