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  • Space is often at a premium in the UK. In most of the country, around 20 per cent of households live in flats, many of which have no garden or balcony space. The problem is compounded in areas where most of the accommodation is apartments.

    One way to increase the amount of outdoor living space on a property is to build a roof terrace. In many buildings, the roof space is often left under-utilised, and a roof terrace can help you to make the most of the space, while also creating a stylish multi-purpose area perfect for relaxing, entertaining and even working.

    This can add some coveted outdoor space to a home, while also dramatically increasing the overall amount of living and entertaining space.

    Health benefits of spending time outdoors

    In the modern world, where many of us work in offices and spend much of our free time consuming media or doing household chores, we often struggle to get sufficient amounts of fresh air and sunlight – two things that are important for our health and wellbeing.

    Getting plenty of fresh air has been found to be good for digestion, while improving blood pressure, lowering your heart rate, giving you a boost of energy and clearing your mind.

    Meanwhile, exposure to natural light can increase your vitamin D levels. Research has also shown that natural light can help people be more productive, happier and calmer.

    In addition, spending time outdoors has been shown to keep stress levels down. Environmental psychologist Judith Heerwagon told the Huffington post that just looking at a garden or trees, or going for a walk can make you feel calmer. “There’s something about being in a natural setting that shows clear evidence of stress reduction” she added.

    It’s also thought that scent could be another factor that helps to reduce stress. The smell of flowers like jasmine, lilacs and roses have been shown to decrease stress and increase relaxation, while the scent of fresh pine has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety.

    Rooflights.com and Glazing Vision has created a comprehensive guide to planning a beautiful roof terrace that not only affords plenty of outdoor space but which also expands the overall living area.

    The guide will look at the benefits of outdoor living, provide advice for creating a functional and safe space, consider issues such as design, structure and access, and give some inspiration for creating the outdoor entertainment area you’ve always dreamed of.

    Download your free guide here.