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  • Night time photograph of Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflight in kitchen with kitchen table and a kitchen counter to the left

    As one of the largest online rooflight and roof window retailers in the UK, we understand that purchasing a rooflight is a daunting prospect for most, with endless options to consider.

    Furthermore, when purchasing a rooflight, ensure that you are buying from a reputable manufacturer who upholds high standards and has the relevant accreditations.

    Glazing Vision is a member of The Rooflight Association. This means they have agreed to meet specific stringent standards set out by the association.

    Metal ball dropped on to a rooflight, cracked glass under the ball

    Safe From Attack

    Approved by The Loss Prevention Certification Board. Glazing Vision was the first UK rooflight manufacturer to successfully attack test its products to security standard LPS2081. Subsequently this accreditation provides you with peace of mind. Meanwhile ensuring your rooflight is compliant with Part Q of the Building Regulations.

    We carry out extensive testing on our products and therefore have been awarded the Police flagship Secured by Design mark. 

    Two pictures of Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflights in hallways with BBA logo in the top left corner

    Compliant With Building Regulations

    First glass rooflight manufacturer to be certificated by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) for the Flushglaze rooflight range. The Flushglaze products were tested for durability, water resistance, condensation risk.

    This accreditation by the BBA means all Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflights meet:
    – Building Regulations 2010 (England and Wales).
    – Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004.
    – And Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012.

    Glazing Vision Flushglaze in white kitchen with wooden kitchen table

    Thermal Efficiency

    Glazing Vision’s rooflights are compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations (Conservation of fuel and power) due to its products’ low U values. For example the Pitchglaze Roof Window has a U-value of 1.2 W/m2k Ud. (Which is lower than the U-Value required by Building Regulations of 1.6W/m2K).

    All products supplied by Glazing Vision come with at least toughened heat soak tested safety glass and low e coating as standard. Consequently, increasing thermal efficiency and in turn, reduce heat loss from the dwelling.

    colourful image of the thermal profile of a rooflight

    Thermal Performance

    Glazing Vision has been constantly innovating for 30 years. Glazing Vision Flushglaze rooflights do not need to be thermally broken as they are not exposed to the warm air inside. A high performance gasket seal performs this function between the glass and top of the upstand. Therefore, this dramatically reduces the size of the frame. A massive design advantage over our competitors.

    This expert design allows the rooflight to be installed closer to the upstand, providing the frameless internal views that the Glazing Vision Fixed Flushglaze product is known for.

    Man standing in front of panes of glass wearing Glazing Vision hi-viz vest

    Excellent Quality Management

    Glazing Vision operates a quality management system which complies with the regulations of ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture and supply of rooflights.

    Most importantly, we employ an in-house Quality Management team who oversee the manufacturing operations. Likewise, the entire manufacturing process upholds stringent standards throughout.

    Glazing Vision Fixed Flushglaze rooflight installed on flat roof on modern extension


    In conclusion, there are certain factors that you need to look out for when purchasing a rooflight. Ensure that you are receiving a quality product that you can enjoy for many years to come.

    To ensure that you are receiving a product of high quality, take rooflights.com’s handy checklist to your manufacturer:

    • The product is attack tested
    • The U-values quoted are for the whole product (Ud) rather than Centre pane U-values (Uw)
    • The rooflights are built to sit on an upstand with a U value of 0.35 or less (This can not be achieved with an upstand of less than 75mm thick with modern insulation material, we recommend 100mm as most materials will then comply)
    • The products are BBA approved (You can comply without BBA, however, this accreditation guarantees it does comply)
    • The vendor has quality management certification of at least ISO 9001
    • The products are thermally broken or similar

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team or refer to The Rooflight Association’s useful guide on ‘Getting rooflights right: What to ask your builder or architect.