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  • With uncertainty around jobs and the housing market, many of us are thinking about improving the places in which we live, rather than looking to move home. Rather than make the kids move schools and leave friends behind to find the next step on the housing ladder, potentially in another area, you could add to the home you already have and build the extra space you need as part of a garage conversion.

    The RAC found that only 12% of cars in England were parked overnight in a garage, so that space is going free. You just need to turf out those old bags of cement that have gone hard, take the children’s old toys to the charity shop and you are left with a decent space to create a brand new room for your home.

    By bricking up the door and adding rooflights to let that natural light stream in, you are on the way to making the most of the space, but what will you create that will benefit the way you live the most? Here are some suggestions:

    Home Office

    Working from home was already bubbling under as a trend before 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic not only showed people that it was possible to conduct many jobs remotely, but also that in many ways it was preferable. Although many bosses want their workers back in the office now that restrictions are easing, it seems fair to assume that many people will continue to work from home either full time or for at least some of the week.

    If this is how you see the future of work for you, using your garage conversion to create a home office where you can shut yourself away from the chaos of family life, crack on with your tasks, but still wander back every so often for a cup of tea and a catch up, is the ideal solution.

    Create Your Own Gym

    How many times have you signed up for a gym membership, but very rarely attended? It happens a lot. Once you get home from work, the last thing you want to do is head out again to visit the gym. A lot of people also find them intimidating places or can only go when they are busy and they have to queue to use the equipment they want.

    Making your own home gym in your garage conversion means that you have all the machinery you want, instant access whenever you like and your choice of entertainment on the TV or speakers. It being on your doorstep means you don’t have to search as hard for motivation, and you can nip into your own bathroom to shower afterwards, rather than navigate the damp, communal changing rooms.

    Home Cinema Room

    Imagine being able to settle down at the weekend in your own private home cinema. That could become a reality with a garage conversion. Fill it with big sofas, a projector connected to the ceiling, a large wall to show the film, a top of the range sound system and a subscription to the streaming service of your choice.

    Install rooflights in the ceiling to illuminate the room whilst your family and your friends are taking their seats, and add blackout blinds to create the perfect atmosphere before you begin the feature presentation.

    No more expensive ticket prices, no more queuing up for popcorn, no more having to put up with rude cinemagoers talking and texting during the film. With a home cinema, you can surround yourself with your loved ones and enjoy the movies on your own terms.

    In addition, when it is not hosting films, you can use it as the ultimate gaming room for the kids to play on their consoles or as a venue to watch the big sporting events in style.

    Expand the Living Space

    You can connect the garage to the current property to really extend the amount of living space that you have. This could allow you to create a spectacular kitchen that becomes the real hub of the home. Or build the family room of your dreams, with plenty of space for relaxing and enjoying the days you spend together.

    Use wall-abutted rooflights to allow light to pour into the now-enclosed space between the main property and the former garage, making a smooth transition between the areas of the home and add bi-fold doors to connect the indoor space to the outside too.

    Simply having more room to move around is a real luxury and allows you to entertain more easily too.

    Adding Rooflights to Your Garage Conversion

    Garages are generally windowless, which you will obviously need to change if you are to make your garage conversion into a living space. Ensure you bring in as much natural light as possible with a rooflight, whatever you will use this brand new space for.