Keylite manual centre pivot roof window

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550mm x 780mm Weight: 22kg
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£265.00 Inc VAT £318.00
550mm x 980mm Weight: 28kg
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£275.00 Inc VAT £330.00
780mm x 980mm Weight: 34kg
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£298.00 Inc VAT £357.60
780mm x 1180mm Weight: 40kg
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£329.00 Inc VAT £394.80
1140mm x 1180mm Weight: 52kg
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£420.00 Inc VAT £504.00
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  • Warm edge glazing unit to enhance window performance
  • BBA Approved
  • Built in expanding ‘thermal collar’, combating cold bridging
  • Recessed as standard, sitting lower in the roof than ever before
  • Simple and easy installation process, allowing you to take from box to roof in 2 minutes
  • Built-in insect filter ensures only fresh air passes into the room

Product Description

The Keylite CE marked manual centre pivot roof window is ideal for applications between 15 – 90 degrees.

The Keylite White Painted Roof Window range is considered ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or any other room that may be prone to smoke, dust or steam. Keylite recommend installing the window so that the frame top is between 1.85 – 2.20m above the floor for ease of operation.

The manual centre pivot roof window is recessed as standard, sitting lower in the roof. This helps to enhance the overall appearance of the roof and improves the thermal performance of the window. This recessed fit is achieved with the use of our standard Keylite flashings.

Note, you WILL require a flashing kit for watertight installation of your roof window.


Releasing the Integrated Thermal Collar

Useful documents

Important information

  • Recommended Pitch
    Suitable for single or multiple applications in any roof with a pitch of 15°-90°
  • External Finish Colour
    RAL 7043 (Traffic Grey)
  • Internal Finish Type
    White Painted Pine - painted with a clean coat of white paint, giving it a moisture resistant property
  • Guarantee
    5 Years
  • Accreditations
    CE Marked & BBA Approved

Glass specification

Double glazed, toughened outer pane, argon gas filled cavity, laminated inner pane with enhanced noise reduction.


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