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  • Glass Rooflights are a great way of introducing natural daylight into the home.

    Whilst being the perfect solution for flat roof extensions or enclosed spaces such as lofts, stairwells and corridors, they also help to reduce your dependency on artificial lighting. This means that you both save money whilst reducing carbon footprint.

    There are a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to glass rooflights, which all differ in terms of performance, function, and aesthetics. These differences should be considered carefully when it comes to deciding on a rooflight type suitable for your home.

    Flushglaze Rooflight

    The original Flushglaze is a fixed roof light system made up of a double glazed unit structurally bonded into a high performance aluminium frame.

    This unit is designed to appear frameless on the inside allowing unrestricted views of the sky above. Externally the framework is minimal and low profile; there are no bulky capping systems required which also means that less cleaning maintenance is needed to remove dirt. This is where the Flushglaze gets its name.

    The glass is always toughened safety glass which is also heat soak tested for improved performance and stability.

    This unit is ideal for most applications and works perfectly for flat roofed extensions, in dining areas or kitchens to create feature spaces.

    Flushglaze Triple Glazed Rooflight

    If you are looking for increased thermal performance or you live in an area with higher than normal noise pollution, then a triple glazed version of the Flushglaze roof light may be for you.

    The overall look and feel of the roof light is the same as the standard Flushglaze but instead of two panes of glass, we supply the unit with three.

    As well as providing sound insulation, the Flushglaze Triple Glazed Unit allows you to save even more on your heating bills.

    Flushglaze Walk on Rooflight

    Do you have a terrace, or are you planning to develop additional space on your roof? Have you thought of utilising space in your basement by harnessing natural daylight?

    ‘Walk On’ specification roof lights are becoming increasingly popular as a means to maximising usable space in almost any building.

    Flat-roofed extensions can be turned into flexible terraced areas whilst still being able to utilise the rooflight to capture daylight for the rooms below.

    Because the glazing is at floor level, it must be safe to walk on and designed to allow domestic foot traffic in accordance with current building regulations.

    Often installed flush with timber decking, these roof lights can provide a completely safe, seamless finish, adding an instant wow factor and value to your home.

    Pyramid Rooflights

    For those projects where a low external profile is not required, or you are looking for more of an architectural feature roof light, a pyramid rooflight may be best.

    A fixed square pyramid rooflight has high performance glass technology combined with a minimal contemporary frame.

    On the square version the apex of the roof light can be installed with an internal down lighter, which can turn the unit into a stunning feature when lit up at night.

    An alternative is an ‘elongated pyramid’ or lantern rooflight. This is a modern interpretation of the more traditional designs seen on top of conservatory buildings and extensions.

    This type of unit is the perfect addition over kitchens and dining spaces and is an architectural feature in itself; all of the glazing benefits from glass to glass silicone joints so framework is kept to an absolute minimum.

    VisionVent Rooflight

    The VisionVent rooflight is the ideal solution where additional ventilation is required in your building.

    The VisionVent frame is thermally broken using state of the art polyamide breaks, meaning that cold bridging is kept to a minimum to ensure that condensation is not an issue.

    A further advantage of the VisionVent is that at the touch of a button, this unit opens mechanically via the reliable chain driven mechanism. This rooflight therefore provides you with increased natural daylight as well as the additional benefit of improved natural ventilation.

    Whether you are looking to install a glass rooflight for aesthetic, lighting or access purposes, rooflights in all shapes and sizes are rapidly growing in popularity due to what they offer in terms of both space and property value.

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