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  • Following on from our post on ‘How to choose the right architect’, which covered tips from where you should research to what type of questions you should ask, this post will discuss the benefits of using an architect who follows the RIBA plan of work.

    So first things first, what exactly is RIBA plan of work?

    The RIBA Plan of Work 2013 has been created to guide the entire construction process, from briefing and designing through to project maintenance. It breaks down key tasks into a number of stages that can be altered to suit your specific requirements.

    The UK model can be used to improve and simplify the construction process from start to finish, creating a framework not only for the architect to adhere to but also for you to become more aware of actions carried out at each stage.

    These are split into eight segments each with their own task bar, to ensure that core objectives are clearly defined from commencement right through to completion.

    The most recent structure of RIBA plan of work can be viewed in this template.

    ‘Post-occupancy evaluation’ is the most recent addition to the model; this ensures that after the project is complete, further performance checks are carried out to evaluate whether any further duties need to be undertaken.

    And what are the advantages?

    Overall, the key advantage is its ability to simplify your project build to ensure that the scope of services and processes involved are clearly defined. If you have a better understanding of the projects’ progression, then the more likely it is that your requirements will be met.

    To summarise, benefits include the following:

    – Improved communication with the architect and team members
    – Improved flexibility to match your needs with the architect
    – Stages act as milestones to set up agreements for deliverables, fees and activities of the parties involved
    – Reference points make it easier for you to assess the work and make changes where necessary

    By using an architect who adheres to the RIBA plan of work, the teams’ responsibilities will extend beyond practical completion to a professional aftercare period; this will ensure that you achieve the very best from your homebuild or renovation.

    A detailed guide to the RIBA plan of works can be viewed here.