Why should toughened glass be used for domestic rooflights?

All glass installed overhead in products such as rooflights and skylights must be ‘safety glass’; by that we mean toughened or tempered glass. Toughened glass is designed to break into small fragments if it is broken rather than larger shards which are far more likely to cause injury, particularly if the glass is installed overhead. […]

Can I use walk on rooflights in the wet?

Walk on rooflights provide a unique feature for bringing natural light into rooms, either from beneath roof terraces or basements; they’re a great way to allow natural light to travel between multiple floors whilst also creating a statement feature for any given property. This is great in the summertime, but what happens when the weather […]

Keeping the glass on rooflights clean

Installing a rooflight within your home is all about optimising natural daylight and maximising space within your property, whether this is part of a simple kitchen refurbishment or a more complex home renovation. Glass rooflights installed in flat roof applications can be more susceptible to staining and discoloration through rain water and other contaminants such […]

When do you need a FENSA certificate?

We often get asked by our customers if we can supply a FENSA certificate when installing our roof light products as there seems to be confusion over what FENSA actually is and how it is applied to works being carried out in your home. Even a cursory glance at the FENSA website states that FENSA […]

Do I need planning permission to install a flat roof glass skylight?

Any building project that involves significant change of use or appearance of a building requires careful consideration as to whether planning permission is needed. There are many types of rooflight available on the market today and your selected product will determine whether or not planning permission is required. For example an access product, such as […]

How to choose the right architect

Choosing an architect to design your home can be a daunting prospect; whether you are after a simple single storey extension or a complete renovation, you will need an architect to expertly guide you through the design, planning and construction process. A highly skilled and professional architect can maximise your property’s full potential and turn […]

Benefits of Natural Daylight

Natural daylight is a topic frequently discussed by designers and researchers alike in relation to energy saving, aesthetic and health benefits. As well as increased daylight being associated with energy efficiency, natural light also promotes wellbeing and performance levels. These benefits are reflected through a range of internal environments. In the education sector daylight improves […]

What type of rooflight should I buy?

Glass Rooflights are a great way of introducing natural daylight into the home. Whilst being the perfect solution for flat roof extensions or enclosed spaces such as lofts, stairwells and corridors, they also help to reduce your dependency on artificial lighting. This means that you both save money whilst reducing carbon footprint. There are a […]

What is the difference between a rooflight, skylight and a roof window?

When searching for glazing products online, Google will often return a variety of search results that include the terms ‘rooflight’, ‘skylight’ and ‘roof window’ in both page titles and meta-descriptions. No wonder then that people are getting confused and are starting to question the difference. Which website links should you be browsing? What term delivers […]

What safety features should be considered on electric opening rooflights?

Access rooflights are becoming increasingly popular as people start to use space on their roof terrace to add function and value to their living space. Many suppliers offer a range of hinged and sliding rooflights for ventilation and access. As these units are often large and heavy you should ensure that the product you are […]