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  • Modern rooflight systems come in all shapes and sizes and can be specified in a variety of different finishes and glass specifications. Most peoples experience with rooflights for flat roofs will be lantern style units, which traditionally consist of glazed sections with decorative framework. However, the development of modern rooflight systems designed specifically for flat roof applications has seen manufacturers introduce contemporary versions of traditional designs.

    Modern contemporary design

    Using the same design principals seen with flat rooflights, minimum framework and maximum daylight, it is now possible to specify modern contemporary lantern style rooflights which fit it much more comfortably with the latest design trends, effortlessly complimenting bi-fold door systems and clean minimal interiors.

    These rooflights feature cutting edge glass to glass joints meaning that framework is only required at the base of the unit where it is fixed to a builder’s upstand. The ridge line and hipped ends of the rooflight have no internally visible framework, thus lets in larger amounts of natural daylight.

    It is also possible to specify square pyramid style units which can provide an architectural feature on your roof; some of these units are available with Downlighter systems built into the apex so in the evening they can be lit up. These units feature the same glass to glass joints with any wiring for the Downlighter being hidden within the intersecting channels of glass.

    Improved longevity and performance

    Traditional style lantern units may have had frames constructed from timber which require regular maintenance in order to maintain not only their appearance but perhaps more crucially, their weather performance and water tightness. The only previous alternative to this was usually UPVC, which was often a compromise in aesthetics when dealing with period properties. Also contrary to popular belief, UPVC frames generally only have a service life of 20-25 years compared to modern aluminium framed systems which are closer to 50 years. The latest aluminium framed systems are also thermally broken, which means that the outer skin of the frame work is physically separated from the inner using a combination of polyamide thermal breaks and high density foam. This means that cold external air does not meet warm internal air and result in condensation.

    Wider glass specifications

    The performance of modern double and triple glazing is far superior to older more outdated materials, particularly when it comes to thermal performance. Argon filled cavities and warm edge spacers combined with low emissivity (low e) glass mean that heat loss through the glass is kept to a minimum. It is possible to specify other performance characteristics ranging from full solar controlled glass for areas with high ambient temperatures, useful in south facing gardens, but also acoustic glass and high security laminated glass.

    All rooflights are manufactured using an environmentally friendly powder coating process, which has enabled Glazing Vision to achieve the Qualicoat standard.

    Standard sizes from Glazing Vision’s comprehensive range of rooflights can be made available from stock for immediate collection or can be despatched within 48 hours. All rooflights are supplied with an installation guide and a product guarantee for peace-of-mind.

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